100 World challenge

“Oh my god it’s an ice cream truck can I get some ice cream mummy” said a little boy “sure” the boy ran towards the ice cream truck and went to the girl in inside it “can I have chocolate ice cream pleas” “sure thing” she walked to the container with the chocolate ice cream in it but when she lifted the lid there was nothing in it the girl in the truck gave a different flavour of ice cream to the boy but when the boy realised he yelled out I want chocolate ice cream the boy never got his ice cream.


100 word challenge

At Melbourne race course was a young boy named Dave who was entering the formula one championship he loved racing and there was only 1 min until it starts. Dave got ready to race changed his tires put his racing gear on and then he waited at the starting line for all the other racers. The racers got ready at the starting line ready set go. Dave pushed on his accelerator and went off he started first he was zooming past everyone he drifting past tight corners and going full speed when someone was getting ahead. Dave looked ahead there was the finish line zoooom Dave raced past the finish line and won the race but one racers had a bad crash crashed and so Dave won every race he entered.


Clean up Austraila day

Last week year 5/6 went to the beach to do a clean up for clean up Australia day. We had collected a lot of  cigarette buts, plastic, bottles, ammonium cans, and a rubbish bin. My friends Riley Macka  Lachlan and I made a group to search for cigarette buts we found at least 150.